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Mediterranean Fountain

Category: Fountains
Size: 56" H x 42" W

Welcome to Brevard Ornamental Studio

We would like to introduce our ornamental concrete business. What is ornamental concrete? It is your common fountains, birdbaths, stepping stones, picnic tables and benches, statues, columns and balustrades, and many other novelty items. The products are mostly white concrete but he also does custom painting. However, about 70% of customers prefer to leave their products unpainted due to aging which blends perfectly with their landscape backgrounds. These decorative items are made of quality concrete materials that will beautify your yard, patio, or garden.

Since 1984, Roy Kirby, a Jamaican native, has been honing his artistic skills in creating unusual concrete lawn ornamental products. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction/masonry business. He became inspired by his first visit to New York. He was amazed by the huge buildings with the large columns and the Corinthian caps. Also, the Statue of Liberty was stunning. This began his journey to explore ideas with his knowledge of concrete. This business grew out of the knowledge of handling concrete. His explorations outgrew his home garage and warehouse rental. The rest is history. Now, he keeps abreast of changes in the ornamental concrete industry in order to provide and maintain excellent customer service. Delivery and installation are available.

Most customers look forward to updating and changing the scenery of their landscape. We have many selections of products for any season you chose. They review a lot of pictures of landscapes from books, magazines, the internet, and "drive-bys". They do this looking for the perfect set-up for their personal space. Some are works of art and some lawns are made over to claim a spot for peaceful meditation. There are a variety of products to chose from, as mentioned earlier, fountains, birdbaths, picnic tables and benches, statues, columns and balustrades, and many other novelty items.

At Brevard Ornamental Studio, you will find mostly white concrete ornamental figurines glistening in the sun. You want find any plastic or other inferior materials in our prod. All are made from concrete materials which withstands outdoor weather elements. We are unique because we manufacture most of our items. We pride ourselves on being available to work directly with our customers to give them immediate attention and quality assurance.

Brevard Ornamental Studio manufactures most of the products and therefore stands behind his workmanship and offers exceptional service to his customers. Quality is very key in the production of our ornamental concrete products. It is very important for us to find ways to strengthen the bond between you, our customer, and our business.

You never know what the current trends are in this business, therefore, carry a variety of items. Most people will be sure to find items which will bring happiness and satisfaction from Brevard Ornamental Studio.

We are located less than a mile south of Barnes Boulevard in Rockledge. Look for the giant gray elephant statue on south U. S. Highway. We welcome you to Brevard Ornamental Studio. We look forward to your visit real soon.